A Modular Synth Techno Rack based on DIY Kits

Clearly making techno! That’s how I got into the world of modular synthesizers. With my DIY drum machine I have laid the foundations. Now I want to make music!


This is the kind of music that I am envisioning:


I’m creating a mobile rack to play live. And because I can (and because it’s fun), I’m building it based on DIY kits.

According to the video “How to make a TINY live techno modular synth in only 62HP” by Mylar Melodies, you need: drums, bass, lead (e.g. chords) and freaky noises.

Following that approach, I’m adding what is missing and replacing what needs to be improved. Step by step.

Component Implementation
✅ Case and power supply Case II 0.1
PSU & Distro Board 0.1
✅ Clock & Divider BPM Generator 20..2400 BPM with dividers (Haralds:Werk)
✅ Rhythm / beat patterns LL8 (Robaux)
Knight’s Gallop (Shakmat Modular)
✅ Kick drum Kickall (Befaco)
✅ Snare / clap Envelope generator: VCEG
Noise: From the ADDAC215 Dual S&H+ (ADDAC System)
Filter: BF-22 (Befaco)
✅ Hats Voice: Hatz V2 (Patching Panda)
Mixer: Mixer II
✅ Sequencer Popcorn v1.1 (Bastl Instruments)
✅ Sample and hold ADDAC215 Dual S&H+ (ADDAC System)
✅ Bass Envelope generator: VCEG
Voice: 3080 VCO (PM Foundations)
Filter: BF-22 (Befaco)
✅ Lead Envelope generator: VCEG
Voice: Chord Organ (Music Thing Modular)
Filter: VCF
✅ Reverb Spring Reverb (Music Thing Modular)
✅ Mixer & VCAs Voltage controlled Mixer-VCA (Haralds:Werk)

Note: This setup is not carved in stone, but in a fluid state 🌈


By the beginning of February 2022, I called the project finished 🎉 and happily started recording next level tracks.

And the beat goes on!

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