DIY Modular Synth Drum Machine

Sometime in May 2020 I woke up and knew I had to build my own drum machine from scratch. Bass, snare and hi-hat synthesized through current manipulation.

As a synth and electronics newbie, I first created a software prototype based on VCV Rack. Then over time, I worked out the necessary parts to complete my modular drum synthesizer.

And in April 2021, I could then call the thing finished.

See the resulting modules below and check their video demos, schematics, stripboard/PCB layouts and references to other fellows’ designs ❤️️

Section Module Finished
Conductor Clock II 0.1
  Gate to Trigger Converter 0.1
  Sequencer 0.1
Bass Drum Envelope Generator III 0.1.1
  VCO III 0.1.1
Snare Envelope Generator 0.1
  Exponential Converter 0.1
  VCO II 0.2.3
  VCA 0.2
  Envelope Generator II 0.2.1
  Noise Generator 0.2
  VCA 0.2
Hi-Hat Envelope Generator II 0.1
  Noise Generator 0.3
Mixing Filter 0.2
  Mixer 0.1
Housing Case II 0.1
  PSU & Distro Board 0.1

And the beat goes on!

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