Version 0.1 from October 2020

Step sequencer with gates and triggers that I built for my drum machine project. It’s based on an Arduino Nano Every.


  • ✅ 8 steps
  • ✅ 3 tracks
  • ✅ Speed control by external CV (triggers/gates forwarded with 5V)
  • ✅ Speed control by internal clock (speed set by tapping, sending 5V triggers)
  • ✅ Set and unset track hits on the run
  • ✅ Predefined track patterns


User Manual

  1. Set the internal clock speed (step display lights are blinking): Tap the steps button four times.
  2. Unset the internal clock (step display is running): Hold the steps button for two seconds.
  3. Set and unset track hits (step display is running): Push the according track button once.
  4. Use an external CV: Plug it in the track jack.
  5. Start steps at position 1 (step display is running): Push the steps button once.
  6. Choose a predefined track pattern: Hold the according track button for two seconds to enter the mode, push it once to skip through the patterns, leave it for two seconds to activate the current pattern.

Improvement Potential

See the comments on Instagram and Reddit.

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