Envelope Generator III

Version 0.1.1 from March 2021

Envelope Generator that I built for my modular synth drum machine project.


  • ✅ Attack and release
  • ✅ 2 outputs (for e.g. VCO pitch and VCA)
  • ✅ Visual indication a.k.a. LED


It’s based on “The Fastest Envelope in the West” by René Schmitz. I removed the Decay and Sustain from the original design. Both were not crucial to my drum machine project.

The potis I use here are from Piher (PC-16 series) and the jack sockets are from Cliff (FCR1281).


Improvement Potential

At the beginning there is a small unwanted voltage spike. You can hear it in the video. In my case no problem, because I use the release only in my drum machine project.

Also see the comments on Instagram and Reddit.

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