Case II

Version 0.1 from December 2020

Eurorack case that I made for my modular synth drum machine project. It’s built around two pairs of rails with a length of 17.05 inch (43.3 cm).


I designed the case in a free CAD software called SketchUp for Web.

The outer dimensions are (W x H x D): 457 x 290 x 162 mm.

Then I went for it in the workshop 🪚

I built it around the rails with some blank panels to get the spacings 100%ly right.

Some fine hours later it was finished.

Top: The power plug socket is secured by an aluminum plate.

Back: The planned ventilation slots became holes. Easier to drill.

Bottom and back: I put rubber feet on the bottom and on the back wall. So I can operate the rack standing and lying without scratching anything with the screws.

Side: After carrying the whole thing around a few times, I added handles to the sides.

Rails: They are from Schneidersladen in Berlin. I sawed the profile at the top of all four. This way I can easily get the square nuts in.

  • Technical drawing and dimensions (PDF) – If you’re going for it, check all the dimensions and positions again carefully. I had some challenges, especially with the holes for the rails 🤓

Improvement Potential

I would have had more space (and less fiddling) between the screws for the rails if I had installed the profiles the other way around. Next time 🤷‍♂️

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